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SAP on VMware and Optimization Services

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Delivering value-added SAP on VMware services to Fortune 100-500 companies, Civatree is the right solution at the right time for any company looking to realize significant cost savings while implementing best practices for streamlined and risk-averse operations. Don’t know where to start? Civatree can help by assessing your current business and taking you through a proven plan for designing, migrating, implementing and optimizing your business operations.

Civatree has been laser-focused on virtualization of SAP on VMware since the company’s inception a decade ago, including associated education, planning and design of the infrastructure, database and SAP migration efforts. Civatree is VMware’s partner of choice for virtualization of SAP, and our certified consultants can address Operating System/Database Migration to any operating system or database combination.

Not only does Civatree manage the end-to-end OS/DB or platform migration, but the company also performs health checks and executes SAP performance tuning for optimum outcomes. Working with the world’s leading providers of SAP software migration, Civatree delivers the results you need with a proven transformational process tailored to your specific business requirements.




Civatree is the recognized resource for VMware platform modernization service for SAP. By customizing SAP landscapes following Civatree’s proven path, customers can transform and virtualize their enterprise environment for even the most mission- critical operations.


Implementing a VMware platform for SAP seamlessly and optimizing the value of your investment includes goals of:

  • reducing risk and downtime
  • accelerating time-to-market
  • ensuring Operational Readiness
  • enhancing Return on Investment in VMware and SAP technologies

Civatree has the expertise to ensure your investment and resources deliver the best results following a proven and successful path.


A proven methodology is applied to customize your SAP landscapes, with logical progression from strategy, assessment, and design, to implementation & migration, and optimization.

You’ll start with Strategy in an SAP Advisory Workshop to validate business/IT objectives, discuss virtualization use cases and create a high-level virtualization roadmap. The path then moves to Assessment including a current state analysis, readiness check for virtualization, and validating your future state requirements running SAP on VMware. Design then follows including an SAP Design review, technical architecture design and creation of a detailed implementation and high-level migration plan for your enterprise environment.

Implementation and Migration spans virtual infrastructure implementation, migration of SAP landscape, implementation of management solutions, testing and Go-Live support. The final step in the path is Optimization which follows the Go-Live Services checking operational readiness, performance tuning and SAP Automation to ensure you maximize your modernization investment.


Civatree’s resources give you a services advantage by:

  • reducing risk and downtime, with advice from experts with real-world experience applied to your specific situation. On-site expertise provides hands-on, immediate insight and assistance.
  • accelerating time-to-market using best practice designs and architectures to get it right the first time, with tested and validated architectures from industry experts.
  • ensuring operational readiness to ensure your team understands key ‘how and why’ decision points for effective long-term management.

Enhancing Return on Investment in VMware and SAP technologies by identifying ‘gotchas’ in your specific environment.

SAP on VMware Transformational and Modernization Services

Civatree Technologies is uniquely positioned to ensure your investment delivers a risk averse and lower CAPEX and OPEX Operational Model in operating SAP on VMware.

Our numerous customers have transformed and virtualized their entire SAP landscapes, from a legacy non-agile environment to a software-defined data center (SDDC). Running SAP on VMware provides the simplicity, efficiency, large savings and agility you need for your SAP enterprise environments.




The VMware Adapter for SAP Landscape Management is part of the VMware private cloud solution for SAP. It’s a virtual appliance that integrates SAP Landscape Management with VMware management software (VMware vCenter Server and VMware vRealize Automation) to deliver truly unique automation capabilities.

The VMware private cloud solution for SAP defines the software stack to virtualize, secure and automate SAP environments, leveraging VMware’s software-defined architecture. At its core, it includes VMware vSphere, VMware NSX, vRealize Automation and the VMware Adapter for SAP Landscape Management.


Organizations strive to reduce complexity of provisioning and managing SAP landscapes through automated, private cloud solutions, saving resources and expense.


The VMware Adapter for SAP Landscape Management delivers:

  • simplified deployment and operations, by orders of magnitude
  • automation to replace manual steps of deploying and operating SAP landscapes on VMware infrastructure
  • Enterprise Class Capability on SDDC
  • integratesSAPlandscapeswithVMware’smarket-leadingSDDCsolutionsforhigh scalability, improved performance and advanced storage and network management

Features include:

  • Start and stop SAP System
  • Automate mass start and stop of SAP systems on VMware virtual infrastructure
  • Copy, clone and refresh a VMware-based Virtual SAP System
  • Create a system copy/clone of a virtual SAP system and perform QA refresh of production system while the system is live and online. The system copy/clone can be linked or full copy/clone
  • Build self-service capability through vRealize Automation
  • Leverage SA-API to build templates that enable SAP end users to directly provision SAP systems in vRealize Automation
  • Migrate SAP hosts, storage and network
  • Migrate VM, switch is datastore and network to stand-up SAP hosts, move environments, and deploy disaster recovery solutions – all through the SAP Landscape Management interface


Civatree’s experts can guide your organization through implementation of the VMware Adapter for SAP Landscape Management to reap the operational benefits of radically simpler deployment and operations.



Companies often spend too much time and effort managing and provisioning SAP® software systems and landscapes. With SAP Landscape Management software, you can automate repetitive tasks and gain visibility and control over SAP and non-SAP systems along with their physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.


Civatree’s proven enterprise expertise and resources can address challenges including:

  • Reducing complexity of IT landscape operations
  • Automating routine manual operations
  • Freeing-up resources to support more new business initiatives
  • Adopting new technologies to help your business stay more competitive in the market
  • Enabling IT to accelerate cloud transformation and business innovation


Civatree can help you to implement automated, end-to-end system provisioning activities with custom provisioning and operation requirements, as well as system visualization and management capabilities with underlying infrastructure and task scheduling for greater efficiency. System management and provisioning for running the SAP HANA® platform and SAP S/4HANA® software, including high- availability scenarios, would also be applied.


Automation of the SAP Landscape is the next step in cloud readiness. Once a customer has fully virtualized their SAP solution they are positioned to reap the benefits of automation. SAP LVM 2.x and SAP LaMa 3.0 combined with the VMware adaptor for SAP LVM/LaMa is the pinnacle of savings in the SAP virtualization space. The VMware adaptor allows for zero downtime and integration with the VMware vRealize Automation suite.

This grouping of capabilities allows for Day0, Day 1 and numerous Day 2 applications including: standard SAP system/landscape copies; SAP automated capacity management; and SAP system refreshes, – all in an automated fashion with zero downtime. These features are available for either internal, external or hybrid clouds. This flexibility allows you to choose the cloud that suits your needs.

The installation and base configuration, while not trivial, is just the starting point. Civatree can provide support by:

  • Identifying use cases – to help your company do what it needs to do better and faster
  • Installation and Configuration – with the skills to address all aspects of an automated SAP solution, Civatree’s experienced staff gets you up and running
  • Blueprinting - created to address the use cases previously defined, given a fully automated SAP solution is not as simple as installing software and configuring
  • Validation - with full design, creation and testing of blueprints by the Civatree team


As VMware’s supplier of SAP on VMware services, Civatree is uniquely positioned to provide for the automation of SAP in a virtualized or cloud environment. Having a joint team of SAP and VMware experts allows us to fully understand the needs and provide the knowledge and skills to create a stable, secure automated SAP solution.

SAP Operational Automation

Enjoy unique automation capabilities to simplify the provisioning and management of your SAP landscape with SAP on VMware. With Civatree’s expert guidance, you can achieve simple deployment and save large OPEX and CAPEX costs.

Centrally manage and provision your SAP landscape including SAP systems powered by SAP HANA running in physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. Streamline and automate your critical business processes, maximize landscape visibility and control – and free up IT to focus on new initiatives. Find out how many companies have seen over 60% savings on SAP BASIS operations after Civatree’s implementation of automated processes.




Civatree and VMware use data collection methods, including SAP Early Watch Reports, to assess your existing environment and then review that material in a series of customer interviews and workshops. Based on identified goals, an IT project roadmap is created, mapping out the modernization process. Based on the SAP Virtualization Assessment report, a four-week Design phase gets under way to ensure you embark on the right migration path.


The goal of the Discovery and Design phase is to develop a migration path unique to your business, maximizing your current investment and ensuring your business needs are met for the future.


Civatree works with you to address specific implementation needs including:

Discovery Phase

Activity and Deliverables

  • Data Collection: The Civatree Capacity Planner enables hardware review and solution design
  • Assessment Report: the SAP Virtualization Assessment report is then created documenting key findings, recommendations, requirements, and more
  • Executive Summary: The report is summarized and approved, enabling moving to the Design Phase. This includes
    • Goals/objectives,RequirementsandConstraints
    • Current&futurestatesummaryandrequirements
    • Keyfindings,considerations,and/orrecommendations
    • FuturestateSAPvirtualizationarchitectureframework
    • Phase1Implementationtargetvirtualizationcandidatelist
    • High-levelSAPVirtualizationRoadmap

Design Phase

Civatree works with you to document and design the new SAP for VMware vSphere landscape including creating the following documents:

  • Architecture Design
  • Replatform Project Plan
  • Migration Strategy
  • vSphere Installation and Configuration
  • Design Implementation Procedures
  • Design Verification
  • Operations Procedures
  • Operations Verification
  • vSphere Blueprints Diagrams
  • SAP on vSphere Best Practices
  • Links to SAP and VMware-related materials


Deliverables from the design phase include an architecture design and design verification, a high-level project plan, detailed migration strategy, vSphere installation configuration, operations verifications/procedures, vSphere blueprint diagrams, and SAP on vSphere Best Practices.

With these carefully crafted materials based on your needs and requirements, the migration path is fully understood and on-target.

SAP Discovery and Design

The goal of the Discovery and Design phase is to develop a migration path unique to your business, maximizing your current investment and ensuring your business needs are met for the future.

Roadmap your future state architectural design around the capabilities and limitations of various physical and virtualized SAP solutions.

Civatree’s product architecture/use knowledge transfer creates actionable design and sizing. Customers who have utilized our designs have minimized risk, guaranteed best practices and greatly reduced operational costs.




Civatree and VMware address build-out of storage, networking and computing to ensure smooth implementation and migration processes.


Civatree works with you to address specific implementation needs including:

  • Creating Host and VMware templates to ensure every host and machine become identical to one another
  • Building out new SAP on vSphere landscape and migrating SAP cleansed data
  • Ensuring high availability and business continuity during the implementation phase


Civatree works with you to create the host and VMware templates and the new SAP on vSphere landscape, plus perform the Operating System and Database installation and configurations including HANA, so that the stage is set for migration. During this phase, the new SAP on vSphere landscape is built and SAP cleansed data migrated.

High- level tasks performed include:

  • ESXi hosts
  • Cluster
  • Networking
  • Storage

SAP Migration

The SAP migration methodology used by Civatree delivers net new SAP, application, database and central services hosts through the following iterative process:

  • Install net new SAP, Application, Database & Central Services hosts
  • Perform homogeneous or heterogeneous migration
  • Technical Testing
  • Iterations – mock, test migrations or prod, dev, QAS, etc.
  • SAP from any to any OS/DB migration – including SAP HANA & S4HANA
  • SAP OS/DB Migration Service guidance – detailed project planning and OS/DB migration certified statusA proven methodology is applied to customize your SAP landscapes, with logical progression from strategy, assessment, and design, to implementation & migration, and optimization.


You can rely on Civatree’s expertise and experience to ensure your organization navigates the migration process for infrastructure, operating systems and databases through a proven, iterative process saving you time and resources for a seamless transition.

SAP Migration

Guarantee risk averse migration utilizing the fully integrated Design and Deploy Services. No cross team transitions.

With years of SAP certified experience in OS/DB Migration, Civatree finalizes SAP on VMware as configured and implemented. Our methodology has several options depending upon customer needs, including NZT.

Finally optimize vSphere environment for SAP Production Loads.




Civatree works with you to run an Environment Review of your existing VMware vSphere SAP HANA environment and evaluate existing configurations against SAP and VMware Best Practices.


The Environment Review process addresses:

  • Evaluating existing configurations against SAP and VMware Best Practices
  • Identifying any anomalies or errors in the system
  • Documenting outcomes for action


Civatree can lead customers through the Environment Review process. The process includes running a health analyzer tool along with interviews with the team regarding configurations and settings for the VMware vSphere SAP environment.

Areas of review include:

  • SAP HANA landscape
  • SAP HANA installation footprint, hardware and configuration
  • vSphere configuration
  • Virtual environment sizing
  • Virtual machine layout
  • ESXi cluster layout
  • ESXi cluster (host specifications)
  • Advanced ESXi configuration options
  • Resource pool configuration
  • Resource allocation (CPU and RAM)
  • NUMA nodes, reservations
  • vCenter Server system design
  • Networking configuration
  • Distribution switches and port groups
  • Storage layout
  • Storage allocation and storage tier configuration
  • vSphere and VCenter logs and metrics
  • Backup and recovery
  • High Availability (HA/FT)


With the investment of time and resources in optimizing the SAP on VMware landscape, it’s critical to measure the results and ensure best performance. The detailed report that emanates from the Environment Review will be invaluable to your business.



Civatree’s expert resources will lead you through an intensive, four-day on-site strategy session to develop a blueprint for your business processes migration.


The goals of the SAP VMware Strategy Workshop are to:

  • Table all opportunities and challenges for each constituent group within your organization
  • Encourage dialogue to resolve any discontinuities and develop productive solutions
  • Develop a high-level blueprint of the customer journey


The Strategy Workshop, led by top SAP and Infrastructure architects, is designed to include your SAP Application and BASIS admin, infrastructure and compute, and other stakeholders from your organization.

The workshop format enables open discussion of challenges, goals and objectives with a ‘deep dive’ into the current SAP landscape and every aspect of today’s processes including governance and IT through SAP.

The workshop then maps the current view with the new, virtualized look of SAP and addresses the requirements for:

  • High availability
  • Fault tolerance
  • Automation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Best practices
  • Risk analysis

Case studies are reviewed to understand what similar customer did and how they handled implementation, and what road map support would include. Finally, the group jointly builds the high- level blueprint of the customer journey that can be shared with the CIO.


Civatree’s process and resources provide the platform for your organization to identify current processes, map out migration requirements, gain consensus and create the working blueprint for business transformation.

SAP Health Check

Maybe you have been using SAP on VMware for the last few years. Or maybe you just finished the design and you are planning on the migration. When it’s time to assess if everything is at optimum performance levels and ensure you’re following best practices, The SAP on VMware Health Check delivers an evaluation and peace of mind.

Our detailed report from the SAP Health Check will be invaluable to your business. Civatree’s process and resources provide the platform for your organization to gain the truth on where you are on your modernization journey.




To maximize the value of your investment in virtualization, there are ongoing support services available to address your ongoing operations. Civatree can ensure you have the full suite of resources available to ensure ongoing success.


By leveraging SAP and VMware Operational Services, you can streamline your operations to manage resources and systems to maximum advantage.


Additional VMware and SAP capabilities take your operations to the next level and include:

VMware Operational Services

  • Automation
    • vRealize Automation and Orchestrator Net new installs based on recognized scripts
    • Automated response to conditional needs
  • vSAN
    • truegridcomputing
  • Monitoring / Reporting / Alerting
    • Monitoring, alerting, dashboards with vRealize Operations
    • Blue Medora Management Packs – allow visibility with one set of tools into physical layer and database (Oracle and SQL) and SAP allowing for one set of tools
  • Security and Networking
    • Allows for micro-segmentation of the network
  • Disaster Recovery
    • Backupandrestoredesign/implementation
    • Disaster Recovery – VMware Site Recovery Manager – assess, design, implementand test for SAP and other applications

SAP Operational Services

Extensive operational services are available to ensure best use of resources and tools, including:

  • Operational Training
    • Effective team structuring
    • Near-zero down time patching
    • Cloning of SAP environment
    • Patching and updates
    • Automation
  • General Basis Services
    • Long-term remote monitoring, alert and support
    • Short-term staff augmentation and project oriented tasks
    • General SAP Technical support–mostmodules, upgrades patching, enhancement packs and troubleshooting
    • Performance Tuning
    • Archiving
  • General VMware Services
    • Staff augmentation
    • General Technical and architectural support and troubleshooting
    • Performance Tuning
    • Upgrades
  • Other Solutions on VMware
    • SharePoint
    • MS Exchange
    • MS SQL/Oracle DB

SAP Operational and Cloud Services

Designing and migrating your SAP-based transformation and optimization services is just the first step in your journey to the cloud. Now it is time to look at how to increase your capability, security and lowering your total cost of ownership.

Realize all the benefits of everything from cloud hybrid technology, from security monitoring to disaster recovery with additional SAP operational services and capabilities. Let Civatree help you build out true blueprints to lower costs both on-prem and integrating to the public cloud.